GCDS, a luxurious Italian fashion brand led by Guiliano Calza, has made an exciting leap into the digital world with their new Baby Wirdo collection. This collection includes 4,888 unique digital collectibles, and it's not just about owning a piece of digital art. When you buy a Baby Wirdo, you get a lot more than that. You get exclusive access to parts of the GCDS website, special discounts, the chance to get limited-edition items, goodie bags filled with Wirdo merchandise, unique pieces from their fashion shows, and even a chance to be part of an upcoming GCDS fashion show.

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What makes this even cooler is that GCDS has teamed up with Authic Labs to use blockchain technology for this project. Blockchain technology helps make sure that your collectible is secure and truly yours. Authic Labs also provides a special dashboard for GCDS, so they can keep an eye on who owns a Baby Wirdo and give them instant rewards. This partnership between GCDS and Authic Labs is all about creating a strong, lifelong connection between the brand and its customers, offering them an exclusive experience that's more than just owning a piece of fashion.