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Fosbury & Sons, an exclusive membership club in Amsterdam, is redefining workspace luxury and community networking through innovative loyalty programs powered by Authic Labs. Members enjoy access to a private restaurant, diverse meeting rooms, open working spaces and a unique garden.

To elevate the member experience further, Fosbury & Sons has partnered with Authic Labs to introduce a digital membership card. This cutting-edge solution offers a seamless interface for members to access a wide range of exclusive benefits. Through the Authic Labs-powered dashboard, members can unlock special partnership deals, book consultations, connect with other members for networking opportunities, and enjoy concierge services. The dashboard also provides information on upcoming events and partner co-working locations, enriching the membership experience.

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This digital membership card is not just an access tool but a testament to Fosbury & Sons' commitment to innovation and member satisfaction. With Authic Labs' technology, Fosbury & Sons is pioneering unique loyalty programs that offer a sophisticated blend of luxury, convenience, and community. Members of Fosbury & Sons can now manage their benefits with unprecedented ease, making the most out of their exclusive club membership. This collaboration between Fosbury & Sons and Authic Labs marks a significant step forward in the evolution of membership clubs, where technology enhances the luxury and connectivity of the professional community.